Mar 242010

I’ve recently rekindled my interest in development using the XNA platform after rifling through some old project files and finding a game project that has gone unfinished.  I had great plans for this game as it was a contender in the 2008 Imagine Cup competition for game development.  We did pretty good.  Team CTW was awarded 3rd place nationally and we were able to showcase our game prototype to many people.  But, as is the case for many projects, it died shortly thereafter.  With impending midterms and graduation for some of us, Team CTW quickly disbanded as well.  As I said, I always had plans for this game.  With that, I’ve been given a spark of motivation as of late to actually finish it.  This would entail a tremendous overhaul of the base game framework and some more art.  For now I guess I will tackle the easier of the two tasks and fix the code base.  Hopefully, with little resistance, I can convince the old team to get back together for one final shot at finishing this game right.

In my browsing I also came across and old DVD with some rudimentary tutorials for 2D and 3D programming using XNA.  The video tutorials in the XNA Beginner’s Guide DVD and the supplementary information provided therein were pretty helpful.  I would recommend the tutorials to any novice or beginner interested in learning the XNA framework having no previous programming experience.  The video tutorials do a good job of easing you into programming with C# and XNA.  If you can’t get your hands on the physical DVD with all the tutorials and resources you can find the tutorials (and resources) here; at the XNA Creator’s Club website.  Here is a listing of the tutorials found on the DVD that are also hosted on the website:

The Creator’s Club website ( is also a great place to find more tutorials and support that go beyond the concepts presented on the DVD.

Thanks for reading.