Oct 142009

A great man died today.  Captain Lou Albano, otherwise known as Mario from the Mario Bros. Super Show, passed away this morning at the age of 76.

Born Louis Vincent Albano, Captain Lou began his career as a professional Wrestler and eventually moved into management of several WWF (now WWE) tag teams before retiring from wrestling in ’95.  He moved on to conquer Hollywood with roles in the Wrestling movie “Body Slam,” the hit TV Show “Miami Vice,” and the 1980’s music video “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” by Cyndi Lauper.  The role that I’ve personally known him best for, and the character that will forever remain as a vivid memory of my childhood is none other than Mario from the Mario Bros. Super Show.  I don’t remember much from the early years of my childhood, but I still have vivid memories of this show and what Captain Lou contributed to it.  Looking back on the show is hard because, admittedly, it wasn’t that great of a show.  But, as a kid it was the best.  And I’ll always remember it for that.  So here’s to you Captain Lou.