Jul 062010

Its been a while since I’ve posted a blog.  I’ve been quite busy with many different things.  I’ve been working with my company (Quicksilver Software) to get our comic book app Longbox out finally (http://longboxdigital.com).  I’ve also been working with some old classmates from college on some game projects outside of work in my spare time.  So, sufficed to say, I’ve been a little busy.

I wanted to post an update and also ask that you vote for me as I have entered Sony’s open casting competition to be a contestant on Season 2 of “The Tester,” Sony’s PSN show that follows a group of gamers that are in competition to become a Sony Quality Assurance tester at SCEA San Diego.

I submitted an entry for myself because I thought it could be a lot of fun and I would like to see what can come of it.  So here is a link to my “audition” video.  Following the video there will be a link to my profile.  If you could, please vote for me, and as always, thanks for reading!

Here is my profile page: